Allen currently lives in Mount Airy, NC where he was raised.  He is glad to be home after living in Kentucky for 18 years where he sung in the choir at Church on the Rock in Berea, KY, and in Jeremiah Yocom's choir at Redemption Road Church that was then located in Stanford, KY. It is now located in Danville, KY.  He currently attends The Bridge Church International im Mount Airy, NC on Slate Road.

Allen Edwards was raised in a home of a Pentecostal Holiness preacher.  Being raised in church all of his life has allowed Allen to appreciate his upbringing as he is the man he is today because of it.  Allen has been writing songs and poetry since he was in high school. He currently has over 20 copyrighted songs registered with the United States Copyright Office.

Allen went to Eastern Kentucky University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Science. He then proceeded to attend Southern New Hampshire University where he obtained a Master of Science in Public Health with a concentration in Global Health.  He is currently working on a Master of Divinity in Pastoral Counseling at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.

Allen attended Steve Hurst School of Music (SHSM) at Lee University in 2012. This is where his songwriting technique became stronger and headed into a new direction.  The direction lead to new songs such as Not Shaken, Breathe Your Life Inside Me, God Enough, and many more. The latter two were co-wirtten with Zach Davis. Zach also wrote the music for the three songs listed above. He had written songs earlier in his life. However, Allen walked right into the call to be a songwriter in 2012 in the worship services at SHSM.

Allen is also an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is his heart's desire to become who and what God has called him into. The greatest step in becoming who you are supposed to be is by finding your identity in Christ.  Once you know who you are in Christ there is nothing that can stop you from proclaiming the gospel as the Apostles and prophets did back in the biblical days.  

Be on the lookout for postings here of new songs that are pennded by Allen.  Please note that all songs lyrics listed on this site are copyrighted.